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Guest Comments

"Great fun working the way through the bush. Would do it again in a heartbeat"

Ed & Jaime, 19/6/13

"Great Day! Must do! Well worth the money!"

Greg Martin 7/04/13

"The whole family really enjoyed it. Thanks Andrew and Kristal! Will definitely bring the grandchildren again!"

Jenny Zaza, Adelaide, Australia 10/07/13

"We came from Hong Kong and had an exciting trip"

Helen Lee 3/04/13

"The most awesome fun, we had a ball. Andrew looked after us so good. We will recomend to everyone!!!

Guy & Kerry Phillips 1/04/13

"Really enjoyed the ride & guide. Thanks for a memorable experience!"

Dave, Sue, Amie & Jack 31/03/13

"Great experience!! I highly recomend doing this, for people of all ages!!"

Berger & Steiger Crew 29/03/13

"A great bithday treat! First time rider! Thanks Phoebe"

Jo & Simon Cubit 23/03/13

"Fantastic fun!! Had a ball"

Angela Hughes 19/03/13

"Had a great day on the quads! Thank you so much"

Alan & Karen O'Kene 11/03/13

"Thanks Jarrod - That was awesome, saw wildlife and really had fun"

Janet & David 7/03/13

 "Beautiful! Loved the animals and the bikes! :) Brilliant- great company & conversation"

Emma & Lauren, 27/02/13 

 "Sick ride! Was amazing, would do it again anyday! Thankyou!"

The Frys, 22/02/13 

 "Fantastic tour!!! 10/10 for sure! Will come back :) Very impressed"

Lisa & George, 06/02/13 

 "Absolutely AWESOME!!! Brenda was fun & really patient! UNREAL!! Definately be back!"

Ronney, 06/02/13 

 "Second time in 2 days! Awesome fun and Joel was a great guide. Lots of fun, thanks!

Ruth & Scott, 05/02/13 

 "Very awesome! Will definately be coming back. Thank you!"

 Mackenzie McCrary, 31/01/13

 "This was the best thing I've ever done. It was awesome!"

Ella McCrary, 31/01/13 

 "Awesome ride! Even Nanny managed to kick up some dust!"

 Caroline, Nick, Isobel, Charlotte, Margaret & Henry, 24/01/13

 "Exquisite experience. Once in a life-time chance, loved every bit of it!"

Fien, 20/01/13 

 "The most awesome fun a family can have! Thanks Pheobe :)"

Carson family, 16/01/13 

 "AMAZING! We had lots of fun, highlight of our day :) Thanks again!"

Sarah, Sophie, Cherie, Ashleigh, 05/01/13 

 "Thanks for the awesome ride! We had a ball dashing across the lawn and bouncing over the bumps! Well worth it!!!"

The Berry family, 01/01/13 

 "Amazing fun, once again! Cheers :)"

Soph & Cassie, 30/12/12 

 "Travelled 10,560 miles to do this and would travel it again to do this again!! FABULOUS!"

Glen, Nicky, John, Nickie, Madi & Maxwell, 23/12/12 

 "Amazing! So much fun. Well worth it"

Emily Rogers, 16/12/12 

 "What a great family memorie made. Thanks to Pheobe & Justin for making it so great"

West family, 13/12/12 

 "Fantastic! Kids had a ball, so did us adults! Joel & Pheobe- you're awesome- Many thanks!"

Fitzpatrick family, 14/12/12 

 "Heaps of fun! We will be back for sure!"

Dave & Fiona, 2/12/12 

 "That was awesome. Can't wait to try again. Sooo much fun!"

Sarah McMillan, 28/11/12 

 "WOW! Double WOW! Sooo much fun, this is an amazing place and an amazing experience! Where is the closest quad store!? Thanks"

Laura Couley, 10/11/12 

 "The ultimate experience for anyone who is simply affraid but wants to overcome fear"

Scott Anthony, 10/11/12 

 "Great fun! I turn 77 in a couple of days!!"

 Mario Follese, 02/11/12

 "WOW! First time, loved it! Also, a bush artists dream!"

Frank, 30/10/12 

 "The best experience on KI by far!"

 Richard & Katy, 27/10/12

 "Awesome experience. Everyone has to do it!"

 Nepalese Group, 25/10/12

 "Great fun! Almost the most fun on our honeymoon!"

 Luds & Hilly, 19/10/12

"Absoulutely awesome adventure for a thrill seeker at age 51" 

Alda Ward, 8/10/12 

"Fantastic fun! Will be back for the extreme course."

Annie & Drew Bennett, 7/10/12

"I have to do it again!!!!"

Luke McCue, 6/10/12

"This could become addictive:)"

Sue Murray, 4/10/12

"Good fun, great guide, thanks Brenda, big and small kids had a ball."

Scott Brooks, 3/10/12 

"Good thrill for 3 old chics"

Three old chics from Vic, 2/10/12 

"Awesome!! Great!! Terrific!! 

Ollie Hyde (age 7), 1/10/12

"Awesome! Great guide, wildlife and experience! We'll be back!"

Moltrem Family, 29/9/12

"Excellent I thought I'd freak out."

Belle Rayner (age 8), 28/9/12

"I want a quad bike!!" 

Jannette Renton, 26/9/12

"Amazing saw 44 kangaroos, 1 echidna, and 11 termite mounds, great experience!!"

Georgia Renton (age 11), 26/9/12

"Absolutely AMAZING!!! Best experience EVER!!!" 

Holly Renton (age 14), 26/9/12

"That was great! I'd do that again!"  

Erin Chalmers (age 12), 25/9/12

"It was fun!" 

Ella Bishop (age 7), 24/9/12

"Second time, go 250cc's" 

Xin Liu, 23/9/12

"Brilliant!! Best fun on the Island! Thankyou:)"

Dalman Family, 23/9/12

"Was a nervous novice, but WOW!! Now." 

S. Reichardt, 20/9/12

"Very enjoyable. A different way to experience wonderful Kangaroo Island." 

Dean Brookes, 17/9/12


Lisa Scotti, 17/9/12


Ann Koza, 15/9/12

"Brilliant Fun! Definitely recommend!!"

Steph & Amy, 14/9/12

"Absolutely fantastic, do it again"

Cutri Family, 13/9/12

"Had a wicked awesome time, cheers buddy!!!!"

Tessa, 10/9/12

"The nurses are out to play!!!, Awesome Thankyou." 

Donna Childs, Sam Jones, Lilly Buick & Kirby Turner, 6/9/12

"Enjoyable and refreshing ride even for a 60yo lady."

Kuan & Kenneth, 3/9/12

"Tour guide Andrew was awesome!!" 

Eva Z, 28/8/12 

"Very entertaining, money well spent!!!"

Jackson Pritchard, 28/8/12

"Awesome tour, Norm was so knowledgeable about all the plants and animals. Best fun I've had with my pants on for a long time."

Rob, Scott & Pete, 27/8/12

"Great experience. Thanks Brenton."

Michele & Michael, 21/8/12

"Too much fun cheers!"

Simon Glaze (age 17), 19/8/12

"It was raining and awesome!!!" 

Jake Albanozzo (age 5), 16/8/12 

"Great fun - recommend it." 

Peter Crossing, 15/8/12 

"I can say I got plenty of action on the island."

Dylan Serault, 14/8/12 

"Great guys. Best fun we have had. Will do again, cheers!"

Brendan, 13/8/12

"Loved it, should have went for the 2 hour one."

Steph, 13/8/12

"Had a great time. Awesome fun!"

Joel, Drew, Steve & Sally, 17/7/12

"WAHOO!!! Lots of fun! Great scenery!"

Jenessa Elliott, 16/7/12 

"Loads of fun! Awesome J "

Kaushik Bilmoria, 13/7/12

"Awesome experience for the whole family." 

Marie Hodby, 11/7/12

"Loved it, didn't want it to stop J " 

Tahlia, 11/7/12 

"Loved it! THE BEST! need to do it again!! J 

 Alex Reade, 7/7/12

"Thank you so very much - what wicked fun!"

Amy & Edward Sellen, 6/7/12

"So much fun, great guide and great tracks" 

Brittany Archer, 5/7/12 

"Had an awesome time. Will recommend to family and friends."

Sue & Glen, 29/6/12                     

"AWESOME!! ACE!! Great time had J."

Brittany & Colin, 23/6/12

"We had a great time. A wonderful experience." 

Ken & Family, 13/6/12

"Best quad ride I've ever been on."

Brendon Walczak, 20/5/12

"Great ride, fantastic views and awesome tracks, very helpful guide"

Jen & Grant from Melbourne, 17/5/12

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