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Fat Mountain Bike Tours on Kangaroo Island

Try Something NEW!

You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy these bikes are to ride. 

The only difference between riding a standard mountain bike and a Fat Bike, is the size of the smile on your face!

Similar to a mountain bike, with 4 inch (10 cm) wide tyres, you will have plenty of grip on Australia.

These tyres are very low pressure, providing you with a cushioned ride over any lumps, stumps or bumps.

With 18 gears to choose from, you can pedal effortlessly or ride faster, the tour will be adapted to you and your riding style.

Immerse yourself in nature, winding through the bush trails and enjoying the sound of the environment.

You will see native animals and other wildlife along the way and find out about their habits and peculiarities.

Enjoy a conversation with your local guide, getting insider knowledge on the best places for you to go while on Kangaroo Island.

Take the time to take photos of the amazing landscapes and native Australian animals that you see.

Take home memories and a sense of achievement. You will be able to talk about this for years to come.

$97 per person for 2 hours, includes FREE water.

Go Anywhere, Go Easy.

Call 0885594296 to equire about the availability of these tours.

Like to know more? Click HERE for answers to our frequently asked questions. 

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